My Story

Back in Summer 2013 while traveling to Mississippi with my infant, toddler, and pre-teen daughter, my jeep went down in the sweltering heat in the middle of nowhere.  I only had a Ziploc bag filled with ice to chill the baby's bottle for the trip to help cool them all as we waited for God knows how long under that sun.  I never felt lower in my entire life as a father.  It was at that defining moment that I swore to ALWAYS be dependable and never fail my children's expectations.  No matter the sacrifice I was gonna be a real dad (RLDAD) in every sense of the word.  With this stance i wanted to also be encourage other men and fathers at any and every turn.  So RLDAD became my license plate and i never looked back.  As you see, this movement is not just mine's, it's ours and yours. Join me as we honor fatherhood.